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High temperature and high pressure power station valve

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High temperature and high pressure power station valve

High temperature and high pressure power station valve


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Product Introduction

High temperature and high pressure power station stop valve

Main features and uses:

1. The valve and pipeline are connected by welding.

2. The sealing surface is not easy to wear, scratch, good sealing performance and long life.

3. Compact structure, good opening and closing, small height and convenient maintenance.

4. It is suitable for water, steam and oil pipelines, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance.

Model: J61H type J61Y type J61Y-P54 type J61Y-P55 type J61Y-P57 type

Straight-through butt welding globe valve is suitable for nominal pressure Class 900~3500

On the pipelines of various systems such as petroleum, chemical industry and thermal power plants with working temperature ≤570℃, as

Cut off or connect the pipeline medium to use.

Standard Specification:

1. Design and manufacture according to JB/T3595-2002

2. Pressure and temperature ratings are in accordance with JB/T3595-2002

3. The structure length is according to GB/T15188.1-94

4. The connecting end is in accordance with JB/T3595-2002 or user requirements

5. Valve inspection and test are in accordance with JB/T3595-2002

Structural features:

1. The middle cavity adopts pressure self-tight sealing, with small size and reliable sealing.

2. The disc has an anti-rotation mechanism, which has good force and reasonable structure.

3. The valve stem has an upper sealing function.

4. The sealing surface is welded with Stellite cemented carbide, wear-resistant and high temperature resistant

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