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Valve product quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

       Dear customer: First of all, thank you for choosing our company's products! With the in-depth development of the national market economy and increasingly fierce competition, users are increasingly demanding products, and their requirements for technical after-sales services are also getting higher and higher. In order to adapt to market development, the company has done a lot in terms of internal quality. At the same time of hard work, a technical after-sales service department was specially established, with a number of professional and technical personnel responsible for after-sales service of the company's products. In order to create a famous brand, improve corporate reputation, and establish corporate image, our company adheres to the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction as its purpose" and the principle of "the most favorable price, the most considerate service, and the most reliable product quality" Solemn promise to you:

 (1). Product Quality Commitment:

     1. All valves of our company have no casting defects such as trachoma and pores, and no scratches on the flange sealing surface. The indications of flow, direction, nominal pressure, caliber, material, etc. should be clear and complete.

     2. All valves of our company have passed the test pressure quality inspection before leaving the factory, and opened with pressure for 4-5 times. The paint can be put into storage after the inspector's signature and approval.

     3. After the valve paint is painted, all surfaces must be clean and dust-free, continuous and smooth, uniform in color, no blistering, no small holes and scratches, and uniformly sprayed.

     4. Each product is issued with an inspection certificate and instruction manual to ensure that users install and use our products correctly.

     5. Our company guarantees that all products that leave the factory are produced and inspected according to national standards, and that unqualified products will never leave the factory. Strictly implement the relevant national regulations on after-sales service of industrial products. Within twelve months from the date of shipment, our company will be responsible for the quality guarantee period and the quality is intact under the normal operation specified in the product manual.

(2). After-sales service commitment:

      1. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

      2. Service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction.

      3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, after receiving the notice, if the supplier needs to solve the problem on the spot, it will send professional technical service personnel to the scene within 24 hours (the long distance 48 Arrived in hours), and do not solve the problem and the service staff will not leave. 

      4. Service principle: The product warranty period is twelve months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace parts damaged due to quality reasons for free. For damage to parts outside the warranty period, the company has long-term cooperation with customers and only charges cost for the accessories provided. If the equipment is damaged by the demander's human factors, the repair or accessories provided by the supplier are priced at cost.    

     5. The company provides free technical after-sales service training for customer personnel, so that they have a deeper understanding of the valve, let them work better for you, and relieve your worries.

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