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Corporate style

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In the new era, with new technology, Keke Enterprise adheres to the corporate philosophy of "survive by quality and development by service", continue to forge ahead, innovate and pursue.

Service philosophy:

Family, fast, standardized, perfect

Market concept:

Common destiny, "win-win" interests; joint production and sales to expand the market

Quality concept:

Quality casts everything, Keke has a national reputation

Enterprise's goal:

Establish a famous brand status in the national valve industry and rank among the world's professional valve brands

Enterprise policy:

Management norms are the cornerstone, market expansion is the platform, product innovation is the mainstay, technological progress is the beam, and quality is the guarantee, casting a brilliant enterprise

Quality policy:

Technology creates quality products, science and technology contribute to society

code of conduct:

Be honest, do it steadily

Business philosophy:

Serve attentively and strive to enhance the Keke brand

Business strategy:

Brand orientation, market pioneer, resource integration, overall coordination, step-by-step implementation, vertical and horizontal promotion

Management philosophy:

Regulate behavior with system, unite team with affinity, drive development with mechanism, and achieve goals with strategy

Enterprise slogan:

Love to fight

Company philosophy:

Concept leads innovation, quality creates brand, efficiency competes for speed, technology creates perfection

Corporate purposes:

Advance with the times and lead the future

Enterprise spirit:

Honest, fraternity, hard work, enterprising

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