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Processing flow of high pressure butterfly valve

     The design concept of high-pressure butterfly valve is relatively advanced compared with other butterfly valve products. It has a special beveled cone sealing structure design, two-way sealing function, and can be installed in any direction, the sealing performance is very reliable, and the sealing characteristics when closed It is closed and tighter, the butterfly plate and the sealing surface will not contact when opening, thereby protecting the sealing surface from damage.

     High-pressure butterfly valves generally use forged valve bodies and cast valve bodies. However, the forged body has fine grains and dense and uniform structure, so its comprehensive mechanical properties are better than cast valve bodies.


The processing flow of high pressure butterfly valve is as follows:

     1. The whole forging is roughed.

     2. Carry out solution treatment.

     3. The whole valve body is inspected by ultrasonic.

     4. Finish the valve body.

     5. Perform overall coloring and inspection.

     6. Assembly of valve body and other parts.

     7. Complete.

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