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All dedicated and hardworking employees of Keke Valve:

Hello everyone!  

    First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the employees who have worked hard and worked hard for the company. You have worked hard! Spring is back to the earth, and Vientiane is renewed! As this Spring Festival is approaching, I once again extend my sincere wishes to all my colleagues in the New Year!

    The new year begins, and it is time for us to summarize the past and look forward to the future. In the past 2012, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company has achieved good results in all aspects of its work. The integration and renewal of various departments and mutual cooperation have made various business indicators basically achieved.

    Take stock of the past and look to the future. In the new year, we will face more difficulties and challenges, be market-oriented, take reasonable management as the link, increase the company's reputation, and focus on building the brand image of Keke Valve Industry.

    In 2017, we will further reform and improve the corporate management system and marketing mechanism, timely adjust our business thinking according to the needs of the company's development, and rationally adjust and improve the current institutional setup and personnel allocation. Further strengthen the company's internal management, increase the implementation and supervision and inspection of various rules and regulations, and make the company's daily work more reasonable and orderly. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen education and business training for all employees, effectively improve their ideological awareness and business skills, enhance the company's overall combat effectiveness, and tap the greatest potential of each employee.

    In 2017, we must unite from top to bottom to meet the challenge; in 2015, all employees of Keke Valve will be ready to start a new situation!

    Finally, I wish you all in the new year: good health, happiness in the family, and success in your wishes. thank you all!

Chairman: Hu Liangyin

May 1, 2017

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